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Goodbye from

Dear visitor,

After 10 years of running the time has come to say goodbye.

When launched in 2004 colour displays had not long become common and resolutions were low. Today, in some countries, more than half of all users have smart phones with resolutions which shame laptops! Consequently there is less demand for mobile phone specific wallpaper. was launched with two objectives in mind. Firstly give the world a source of good quality wallpaper for mobile phones and secondly to give me, the webmaster, a platform on which to learn web technology skills. Both these objectives were achieved, at its peak several thousand people downloaded wallpaper each week and I now have a career in IT.

It is now time to bow out and retire this project. To those who have visited over the past decade, thank you for your support and for coming along on the journey.

Kind regards,
Colin (owner)